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Welcome to the G-Blog!

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G. Neri is a storyteller, filmmaker, artist, and digital media producer. His collaboration with jazz legend Chick Corea, A Picasso on the Beach, was an Academy Award finalist and aired on HBO and Bravo for seven years. He followed this with an independent feature called
A Weekend with Barbara und Ingrid, which he wrote, produced, and directed.
G. Neri has taught animation and storytelling to inner city teens in Los Angeles with the ground-breaking group Animaction, producing over 300 films dealing with issues relevant to the kids: violence, gangs, and drugs. He directed the documentary Fa’a Samoa which followed a 15-year-old Samoan gangbanger who had shamed his village, through the mean streets of Los Angeles.
From 1993-2003, Mr. Neri helped pioneer the internet business, overseeing two highly successful new media companies whose clients ranged from Disney and MGM studios to Microsoft, Reebok, and General Motors. He was one of the founding members of the Truth teen anti-smoking campaign.
G. Neri currently resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife and daughter, where he is focusing on writing for teens. His books include: Chess Rumble (2007), Surf Mules (2009), Yummy (2009), and Caught (2011)